Control Panel

The Control Panel is home to the administrative controls that impact your entire digital workplace. The Control Panel is accessed through the cog icon (visible to workplace administrators) located on the right side of the Userbar. Member Groups assigned to certain roles can also see the cog icon and a limited set of Control Panel options.

Features and functionality

The Control Panel contains links to the following features and functions. Select any one of the following to learn more:


  • Public Activity: Enable anonymous commenting throughout the entire site.
  • Trash Can: Recover recently deleted items.
  • Online Status: Members can set their online status to alert other members of their current availability. Workplace administrators can customize the default status settings (Online, Away, Busy, Offline) in this area for all members.
  • Manage Archive: Review archived items, archive policies, and items that are queued for archiving.



  • Manage Members: Perform administrative tasks related to members of your digital workplace.
  • Manage Groups: Add, remove, or create groups, and manage which members belong to them.
  • Invitations: Invite members to join your Igloo, and create a custom welcome message.
  • Points and Status: Configure a gamification scheme for your digital workplace, based on points and contributor status levels.
  • Public Registration: Open your workplace to the public, and manage related settings.
  • Sign In Settings: Allow people to reset a forgotten password, and enable login session keep-alive timers.



  • Global Settings: Enable or disable standard digital workplace features site-wide.
  • Public/Private Access: Open up all pages to public view, and change the way public users can register.
  • Manage Labels: Create a group of labels for content created in your digital workplace.
  • Community Details: Change the name of your digital workplace.
  • Social Media Sites: Enable social link sharing throughout your digital workplace.
  • Localization: Set the time zone, the first day of the week, and the time at which digest notifications are sent.


  • Igloo Support: Link to our Support Site, where you will find the technical documentation for all of your workplace’s features and functionality.
  • Report Bug: Link to our bug submission form.
  • Request Feature: Submit an idea for new features and functionality.