Manage members

The Manage Members feature is within the Membership group of features in the Control Panel. It lets you add, remove, inspect and update members in your digital workplace.

The Manage Members option in the control panel.

Features and functionality

The Manage Members area has several features and tools to help you update and keep track of people in your digital workplace.


The Members section of the Manage Members pane shows the number of members that are currently part of your digital workplace and details on each member account. You can sort the member list by last name, last login, or the date they were added to the digital workplace (Member Since).

The members section of the Manage Members page.

Last Login and Member Since values are specific to a user’s account. If a user signs into another digital workplace the Last Login value will reflect this login time. The Member Since value is the date that the user’s account was first created in any digital workplace.

The Last Login value indicates the last time a session was created for a user. The creation of a session occurs when a user signs into a digital workplace. However, sessions can vary in length. As a result, this value is not an accurate measure of digital workplace activity.

Indicator for LDAP Authentication delegation

If your digital workplace uses LDAP Authentication, members on the Manage Members page will have either a globe icon or lock icon next to their name. The globe icon indicates that a member has only ever authenticated to your digital workplace using Igloo Authentication, while the lock icon indicates that the member has signed in to your digital workplace with their LDAP Authentication credentials.

Once a member has signed in to your workplace using LDAP Authentication, their authentication credentials become controlled by LDAP Authentication and they can no longer change their Igloo Authentication password themselves. If these members would like to change their Igloo Authentication password, they must contact their workplace administrator to trigger a password reset for Igloo Authentication.

Profile details

Selecting the name of any member will open a page detailing their profile information and group membership. Here, you can also update their profile information and photo, and add or remove them from groups.

Editing a users profile and groups.

Resetting a member's password

More information about resetting a member's password can be found in the article, Resetting a member's Igloo password.

Changing emails

To change a member's email, see Changing a member's email address.

Revoking Members

You can revoke people’s access to your digital workplace through the Manage Members area. Revoked members will immediately have their access to your digital workplace terminated and be removed from all groups. Also, they will not be able to send messages to members of your digital workplace and will no longer receive email notifications from subscriptions and broadcasts.

Their account is not deleted, however. This means all their contributions and activity in the digital workplace are preserved for your records.

Search Members

You can search for members of the site in 3 ways. Either type the member name in the search dialog, filter by the first letter of the last name, or filter by group.

Typing a name or email address in the search field will show some quick results. Pressing Enter when searching, or applying any of the group or letter filters will update the list of members displayed on the left.

The search panel.

Export Member List

You can export a list of members in your digital workplace into a CSV file and save it to your computer. The CSV lists the names, emails, profile fields, group memberships and last visit of all current members of your digital workplace. Check out the article Exporting the member list for instructions on how to download this file.

The Export Member List button.

Invite Members

Invitations are one of the ways you can add people to your digital workplace. See the Inviting users to your digital workplace article for full details.

Add Members

The Add Members link opens a form where you can quickly add individual members to your digital workplace. The form requires a first and last name, an email address, and a password. You can also assign group membership here.

The Add Member interface.

Note: The new member will not receive any notification of being added. You will need to inform them of their login information.

Bulk Member Upload

The Bulk Upload feature allows you to add or update members in bulk using a CSV formatted file. The user's name, email, profile information, and group memberships can be included. More information is available in the dedicated Bulk Upload article.

The Bulk Upload interface.

Bulk Member Revoke

This feature allows you to remove members of your digital workplace in bulk by providing a list of emails of those to be revoked.

The Bulk Revoke interface.

Frequently asked questions

If a user has been revoked, what happens if you create a new user with the same email address?

Adding a user with the same email address as one that has been previously revoked will return the same user to the digital workplace. They will have the same password and profile information as before, but group membership will need to be updated.

If you have a new member with a duplicate of an old address, please contact your Igloo representative for help.