Enhancements are front-end modifications that add to or modify the functionality of your digital workplace. In addition to the resources below, your digital workplace's Style page contains information about the enhancements currently available for use in your digital workplace.

List of available enhancements

Enhancement Description
About  Add a background color to a widget.
Accordion Make the contents of a widget collapsable.
Custom icons Use the custom icons enhancement to make adding the supported icons to your digital workplace easier.
Equal Columns Make all columns within a page row have equal widths.
Full-width Row Make a page row take up the entire width of a browser window.
Static Slideshow Display the same image behind all articles in a Content Slideshow widget.
Widget Tabs Layer multiple widgets into a single location on a page.
Default enhancements available in all digital workplaces


Enhancement Description
50-50 Blog Articles widget Use the 50-50 Blog Articles widget enhancement to change how articles appear in the feed of a Blog Articles widget.
Add Button in Widget Title Append an add button to the title of a widget.
Back-to-top Provides digital workplace users with a shortcut to quickly and smoothly return to the top of the current page
Banner Message enhancement Use the Banner Message enhancement to add a persistent banner that is visible to everyone across the top of your digital workplace.
Bookmarks in new tab  Use this enhancement to cause digital workplace bookmarks (My Bookmarks and Workplace Bookmarks) to open in a new tab when selected.
Calendar RSVP Export Add a link to calendar events that downloads the RSVP list.
Clocks and Time Zone Display digital or analog clocks for other time zones.
Detailed Members widget Customize the Members widget to display additional information.
Dynamic Banner Background enhancement Use the Dynamic Banner Background enhancement to customize the banners that display behind the titles of locations in your digital workplace.
Email Privacy Script Periodically update the email privacy setting to Members.
Group-based Redirects Redirect users to a specific space based on their group membership.
Group-based Widgets Display widgets based on group membership.
Hide "Connect with" Hide all connect buttons/links from your digital workplace.
Hide Load More enhancement Use the Hide Load More enhancement to remove the Load More link found below widgets.
Hide "Send Message" Hide the send a message and message features from your digital workplace.
Horizontal Calendar Class enhancement Use the Horizontal Calendar Class enhancement to change how the Calendar Events widget displays upcoming events.
One-Third Row enhancement Use the One-Third Row enhancement to provide an alternative way of displaying two widgets in the same row.
Pop-up Direct digital workplace members' attention to important actions or information before entering the site or viewing content.
Replace 'Search Everywhere' text Use this enhancement to customize the text of the search box on the userbar.
Search By Label Search content using labels.
Second Level Drop-down Add a second level of drop-downs to your navigation.
Slide-in Row Add an alert to a page that displays a blog or wiki article.
User Agreement on Sign-in Add a pop-up on the sign-in page that displays a user agreement.
Enhancements that can be requested