Use widgets to add functionality to pages, spaces, and dashboards.

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Language support

A widget's title and description fields support multiple languages. Only enabled languages are available. For more information about language support, check out the article Languages and translation.

Content widgets

Content widgets connect to channels within a digital workplace. A common use of this type of widget is to aggregate and display the most recent content from multiple channels. These widgets do not change where the content is located and only act as windows into the connected channels. Because of this, the displayed content still maintains the access rules applied to the underlying content. Users need at least Read level access to content to view it in a widget.

Widget Description

Add Button

Provides a way to begin the content creation process on the connected channels.

Blog Articles

Aggregates and displays blog articles from the connected blog channels.

Calendar Events

Aggregates and displays calendar events from the connected calendar channels.

Content Slideshow

Aggregates and displays the contents of blog, calendar, or forum channels in a slideshow format.

Enterprise Feed

Displays a feed of hub blog channel content.

Folder Contents

Displays the contents of the selected folder or folder channel.

Forum Topics

Aggregates and displays forum topics from the connected forum channels.

Microblog Posts

Aggregates and displays microblog posts from connected microblog channels or a member's personal contacts.

Photos in Folder

Displays images located in the selected folder or folder channel.

Recent Activity

Displays a feed of what activity has been occurring on the connected channels.

Recent Comments

Displays a feed of comments that have been made on content within the connected channels.

Recent Contributors

Displays members who have recently created content on the connected channels.


Aggregates and displays tasks from connected channels or personal task lists.

Wiki Article

Displays the selected wiki article.

Wiki Index

Aggregates and displays wiki articles from the connected wiki channels.
Content widgets

Navigation and search widgets

Navigation and search-related widgets provide methods to find and quickly navigate to content and locations within a digital workplace. 

Widget Description

Call to Action

Promotes and provides links to the configured locations.


Displays and provides links to all channels of the selected type located directly under a selected page or space.


Displays and provides links to configured locations.


Displays and provides links to all locations under a selected page or space.

Search Box

Provides the ability to search for specific content types based on their location. 

Site Map

Displays a navigable list of links to all locations under a selected page or space.


Displays and provides links to selected spaces.
Navigation and search widgets

Personal widgets

Personal widgets provide information tailored to each user.

Widget Description


Displays a member's workplace bookmarks.

My Contacts

Displays a member's contacts.

My Spaces

Displays and provides links to the spaces that a member is a part of.
Personal widgets

Utility widgets

Utility widgets provide functionality related to custom content and displaying information from third-party applications.

Widget Description


Display member work anniversaries.


Display member birthdays.

HTML Content

Provides a WYSIWYG editor that can be used to add custom content to a page or space.


Provides access to third-party applications.


Displays the members of a selected group.


Provides a way to collect member's responses to a custom question.

RSS Feed

Displays RSS content from the provided sources.
Utility widgets