Favoriting a channel in the app

Favorite a channel to add it to your Favorites tab. You can then quickly navigate to the channel from your list of favorite channels without needing to search for it or accessing it by way of its content.

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Considerations and caveats

  • Who can do this: Any member of a digital workplace.
  • Notifications: Favoriting a channel does not subscribe you to it. If you want to receive notifications from a channel, you must follow it.

How to favorite a channel

To favorite a channel, your must navigate to it and then tap  Ellipsis (located in the upper right corner of the app). 

The Follow and Favorite options appear after tapping the ellipsis button.

There are two ways to navigate to a channel:

  • Navigating to a channel using search: While viewing any tab other than the Web tab:
    1. Tap Search (upper right corner of the app).
    2. Enter the name of the Channel that you want to follow.
    3. Tap Search , or tap any of the recent search suggestions, to perform a search.
    4. If the search defaults to the People tab, tap Content to view those results.
    5. Tap a search result to go to it. 
  • Navigating to a channel by way of its content: While viewing content that is on the channel you want to favorite, tap the channel name that appears at the top of the app to navigate to the channel. 

The channel link.