The Igloo Mobile app

The Igloo Mobile app is designed to keep users connected to the pulse of their digital workplace. After downloading the app for their iOS or Android mobile device, users must sign in with the same credentials as the normal web experience of their digital workplace to access the mobile experience their workplace (SSO, Igloo, and LDAP are all supported authentication methods). Users will receive an onscreen tutorial explaining the important components of the app after installing it and signing in. 

To stay up to date with and find the content, processes, and information that they need for their work, users can navigate between the available tabs (Feed, Notifications, Web, Favorites, and People) by tapping them. To quickly find content or people users can search the entire workplace. Users can then interact with content by commenting, liking, following, and sharing, or start a conversation by posting to any microblog channels in the workplace that they have access to.

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Supported mobile operating systems

The following operating systems are officially supported for use with the Igloo Mobile app:

  • iOS 12.0+ 
  • Android 7.1+

Installing the app

Installing on individuals devices

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MDM and MAM Support

The Mobile app can be distributed and managed using Mobile Device Management (MDM), and Mobile Application Management (MAM) software. 

Using MAM software such as Microsoft Intune, IT administrators can push out the app to iOS and Android managed devices. This can help ensure that the app gets installed on employee's devices and when accompanied by additional communications can help drive utilization of the app.

How content is organized in the app

Content is displayed in the mobile app across the following tabs:

  • Feed: Provides a feed of all content that a user is subscribed to with a frequency of instant.
  • Notifications: Provides a feed of @ mentions and broadcasts that are directed at the user.
  • Web: Provides a similar digital workplace experience as the browser.
  • Favorites: Provides quick access to channels that a user has favorited.
  • People: Provides a method for locating other workplace members.

In addition to these tabs, the Settings menu provides options that modify how the app functions.

Common tasks

Getting started:

Interacting with content: