Igloo Mobile Branded Edition: FAQs


What is Igloo Mobile Branded Edition? 

Igloo Mobile is your digital destination for company-wide mobile communication and engagement. Developed for employees that require both desktop and mobile connectivity, Igloo Mobile Branded Edition is a custom-branded application – deployed via an organization’s MDM software – that boosts employee engagement and gives workers full access to their digital workplace, from anywhere. For many organizations, it’s key to a holistic hybrid work strategy, where mixed remote and on-site work scenarios (in various combinations) are all part of the new reality. 

When is Igloo Mobile Branded Edition available?

Immediately. A release version for installation will be available in July 2021.

What's the difference between the Igloo Mobile Branded Edition and the standard Igloo Mobile app?  

Igloo Mobile Branded Edition has all the functionality of the Igloo Mobile app. The difference is that it’s deployed through your in house MDM software and offers custom-branding options such as: 

  • A custom default URL
  • A custom app icon
  • A custom app name
  • A branded splash screen
  • A modifiable accent color
  • With Professional Services support for:
    • Visual design
    • Development

Deployment through your MDM solution gives you control and management over who receives the application and how it is distributed.

How much does Igloo Mobile Branded Edition cost?

Pricing is based on a fixed launch cost with a tiered annual rate for customers based on their employee count.  Details on exact pricing for your deployment are available from your customer success manager.

Which devices are supported?

Igloo Mobile Branded Edition can be deployed on smartphones running Android version 10 and above and iOS version 13 and above. 

How is Igloo Mobile Branded Edition developed and deployed?

Igloo Mobile Branded Edition is developed by Igloo and deployed as a joint effort with your Branding and IT team.

How should we prepare for implementation?

Review the documents: Getting Ready for Igloo Mobile Branded Edition: Branding and Igloo Mobile Branded Edition: Distribution

What’s the implementation process for Igloo Mobile Branded Edition?

  1. Provide us with a few key details about your environment.
  2. Complete the required paperwork around pricing and deliverables. 
  3. Work with us to implement both the branding aspects and the application set-up for distribution 
  4. Distribute it to your workforce!

How long does the implementation process take?

Implementing Igloo Mobile Branded Edition is a joint effort between your team (especially IT) and Igloo. Exact timing will be determined in planning stages and documented in a statement of work; however, assuming there are no resource constraints, this is a typical time frame is approximately 2 to 3 months.

How often will Igloo Mobile Branded Edition be updated?

Igloo Mobile Branded Edition is updated at the same frequency as the standard Igloo Mobile application (that is, whenever there’s a new release). 

How does authentication work?

There are three main methods of authentication supported by Igloo Mobile platform:

  1. Igloo Authentication
  2. SAML Authentication 
  3. LDAP Authentication (Workplaces with multiple LDAP Authentication connections are not supported)

Both methods return authentication token called iglooauth that we subsequently include as a cookie named iglooauth in every request the application makes to both Igloo's own backend and Azure.

What if we want to change Igloo Mobile Branded Edition or stop using it?

If you need to change your Igloo Mobile Branded Edition (for example, to accommodate a company-wide rebrand), a new application will need to be created, at an additional cost. If you want to stop using the application altogether, consult the Master Sales Agreement for cancellation details.