Pinned Content

Blog and forum content can be pinned to the top of their channel's feed. Pinning content provides a great way to keep important information easily visible and accessible as it stops important content from getting buried by more recently created content. To keep pinned content prominent in other digital workplace locations, Blog Article widgets and Forum Topics widgets can be configured to respect the pinned settings of content that they are displaying.

Since the relevancy of content can change over time, pinned content can be set to have the pin expire at a specific date. If the content is going to be relevant for an extended amount of time, consider using a Call to Action widget or a Links widget to direct members to the piece of content or information.

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Pinning workflows

Common actions involving pinning include:

Pinned content appearance

In blog channels and Blog Article widgets, pinned content appears in a pinned articles section at the top of the channel. Recently added content appears below this section in chronological order.

In forum channels and Forum Topics widget, pinned content appears in a pinned topics section at the top of the channel. Recent topics are ordered below this section based on recent activity.