Settings - Actions button

The Settings option found in the menu under the Actions button gives administrators access to configuration options for various features (including, wikis, blogs, etc.). A couple of common configuration settings that can be found here are: Moderation, Read tracking, and Anonymous access.

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Features and functionality

There are a number of features available in Settings. Select any of the features below to read more:

  • Email content - Setup and configure the email address to email content into your digital workplace
  • Labels - Toggle to make labels mandatory or not
  • Anonymous commenting - Can be configured for public workplaces
  • Moderation - Configure moderators, and configure the moderation policy
  • Archiving - Configure retention policy settings
  • Read tracking - Enable and customize the text for Read Confirmation
  • Channel color - Select from 40 pre-coded colors to apply to the channel. This helps differentiate its content in an aggregated view elsewhere in the workplace

How to access settings

Select  Actions followed by Settings.

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I see the Settings option on the menu nested under the Actions button?

The Settings option will only appear in the menu if you are accessing the menu from a channel, page, or space, and you have the proper administrator permissions.