Space Administration Panel

The Space Administration Panel provides space administrators with a way to manage a space’s structure, appearance, membership, and content. This panel is accessible by a space’s assigned space administrators. A space administrator can open their Space Administration Panel by selecting the cog located on the right of the space’s navigation bar.

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Features and functionality

Accessing the Space Administration Panel

Space administrators can only access the Space Administration Panel associated with the space they have been assigned to.

Workplace administrators can access the Space Administration Panel of any space in their digital workplace. While the Space Administration Panel provides fewer tools than the Control Panel, it provides a direct way of interacting with a space.

Roles granted to groups in the digital workplace do not provide direct access to the Space Administration Panel. However, members with roles can interact with space structure and membership through the Control Panel. For example, a group with the Manage Member Groups role would be able to use the Control Panel’s Manage Groups option to interact with a space’s groups and group membership.

Space Administration Panel features

The following pages can be accessed from the Space Administration Panel and provide tools for a space administrator.

Overview: Trash Can

  • View what pages, channels, folders, articles, and documents have been recently deleted from the Space. Deleted items will be held here for 30 days until permanently deleted. While items are in the Trash Can they can be recovered, returning them to their original location. Items appearing in this Trash can also appear in the digital workplace’s Trash Can.

Overview: Manage Archive

  • View and/or restore what content is archived within the space. For more information, see Archiving.

Presentation: Layout

  • Adjust whether the space navigation bar appears below or above page titles and breadcrumbs.
  • Add Header text to a space using the WYSIWYG editor. This text will appear above page titles and breadcrumbs. If you would like the header of a space’s home page to differ from other locations in the space, select Use a different header for the space home page (overrides header above).
  • Add Footer text to a space using the WYSIWYG editor. This text will appear above the site-wide Footer.

Presentation: Navigation

  • The Navigation page is similar to the digital workplace’s Site Manager and provides a way to manage a space’s structure. Space administrators can use this page to add, remove, or move channels and pages located in their space.

Membership: Manage Members

  • Add new or remove space members and administrators.
  • Create space groups and add or remove members from groups within the space.
  • Set whether non-space members can request to join the space. When enabled, Join Requests will appear here for manual or automatic approval. 

Allow non-space members to join your space

Allowing members to join spaces themselves is well-suited for fostering communities of practice, special interest groups, and other community-building activities. To prepare the space: 

  1. Turn on join requests
    1. Select the Space Administration Panel cog underneath the Membership header.
    2. Under Membership, select Manage Members.
    3. In the Join Requests section, select Enable below the text "Allow users to join this space" to add a Join Group button to the space’s banner. Digital workplace members who are not members of the space will see this Join Group button.
    4. (Optional) To automatically approve new join requests, select Enable below the text "Automatically approve new join requests."
  2. Provide access to the Join Group option:
    • Non-space members can only view the Join Group button if they have at least Read access to a location within the space. See Access rules for instructions. This provides them an entry point into the space where they can view the space navigation bar. This can be the Home page of the space or a direct link to a location within the space that non-space members would have access to. It is possible to restrict who can join a space by only giving specific groups access to the space’s entry point.
    • When a member selects the Join Group button,  it will switch to text displayed to "Pending" if their request must be approved, or "Approved" if automatic approval is enabled. Once approved, on the next page refresh, the button will update to "Leave Group" to allow members to opt out of the space without needing a workplace or space administrator to remove them from the space members group. 
  3. Monitor your emails for Join Requests: If automatic approvals are not enabled, whenever a digital workplace member selects the Join Group button an email is sent to all of the space's administrators. This email will contain buttons that can be selected to Accept or Reject the join request. Join Requests will also appear on the space's Manage Members page. When a Join Request is accepted, the requester is added to the space members group.

Manually add non-space members to your space

  1. Select the Space Administration Panel cog underneath the Membership header.
  2. Under Membership, select Manage Members.
  3. Select the group that you want to add the member to. When adding a non-space member to a space or administrator's group, they will automatically be added to the space members group.
  4. Type in the name of the member and select them.
  5. Select Update to add them to the selected group.