Editing comments

Modify existing comments using the edit action.  

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Considerations and caveats

Who can edit comments


Editing a comment does not send a notification to the comment's author.

Flagging of edited comments

Edited comments display a "Last edited by " message below them that identifies who made the latest edit, and when it was made.

Comment moderation

If comment moderation is enabled, edits to existing comments require moderator approval before they are applied and visible to other users.

How to edit comments

  1. Go to the content that has the comment.
    • For Microblogs, comment options are not accessible from the Microblog Posts widget or Microblog channel; you must go to the post itself. To get to the post from a Microblog Posts widget or Microblog channel, select the  Action button next to the post, and select View Post.
  2. Scroll down to the comments section and find the comment.
  3. Select the  Action button, and select Edit
  4. Select Save to apply them.