Optimization - Control Panel

The Control Panel is home to all the advanced administrative controls for your site. Only digital workplace administrators or members of groups with elevated access can use the digital workplace's Control Panel.

The Optimization section of the control panel features the following pages:

Workplace Analytics

The Workplace Analytics dashboard displays summary analytics on member participation and content activity. Check out the article Workplace Analytics for more information about this feature.

Google Analytics

On this page, you can:


On this page, you can:

Meta tags

Use the Meta Tags feature to parse metadata about the HTML documents inside your Igloo. Metadata is used by browsers, search engines, and other web services. Some usage scenarios include loading:

To use this feature, enter valid HTML into the dialog box.

The <meta> tags page.

URL shortcuts

This feature allows you to create shortcuts that redirect users to any destination, page, or file within the site.

A new shortcut can be created by entering the Shortcut URL and Destination URL and selecting Add Shortcut. The existing shortcuts are listed and can be edited or removed.

Be aware that URL shortcuts are internal only; they can only redirect people from one URL in your workplace to another location in your workplace.

The shortcut url page.

Digital Assistant

This page will not be visible if your digital workplace does not have the Digital Assistant enabled.

On this page, you can: