Recommended Search Results

Recommended Search Results give you the ability to surface digital workplace content prominently in search results based on specific keywords and phrases. These terms are placed on content by workplace administrators, and when a user in your workplace performs a search that contains the term, the matched content will appear at the top of the search results list with a Recommended label. 

Content that matches multiple terms will be featured above content that matches fewer terms. For example, placing the keyword "wireless" on a wiki article that contains instructions on how to connect to the office's wireless network ensures that the article will appear at the top of search results when the search term contains "wireless". Effectively applying terms to important content helps to reduce the amount of time users spend looking for the information they need to be productive.

Recommended Search Results are displayed in Userbar quick search results, in the Unified Search Widget, on the search results page, and on the mobile app's search results page.

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Recommended results appearing in search results.

Search page

Content and its associated terms (keywords and phrases) are displayed and configured from the Search page found on the Control Panel. Changes made to content names may take up to two minutes to be reflected on this page.

The recommended search results page.

Content support 

Users, Microblog Posts, and Specific Tasks cannot have terms associated with them.

Applying terms to content

To apply terms to content, see Configuring terms for Recommended Search Results.


You can download a CSV file that contains all of your Recommended Results by selecting Download, located above the list of Recommended Results. The resulting CSV file will contain the following columns:

  • Updated by
  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Date updated
  • Type

Best Practices

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