Adding a member to the digital workplace

Add a new or previous member to your digital workplace. This member can then access your digital workplace and view any location that they or their groups can access.

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Considerations and caveats

  • Who can do this:
    • Workplace Administrators
    • Enterprise Administrators
    • Users of groups with the Add Members Role
  • Alternative methods of adding users: If you need to add multiple users simultaneously, consider using a Bulk Upload or Invitations. Organizations that have an Active Directory should consider managing members using the ILST.
  • Notifications: Adding users this way does not notify them of their membership to your digital workplace. 
  • Passwords: When adding a user this way, you must assign them a password. 
    • Users with email accounts can then use this password to authenticate to your digital workplace using Igloo Authentication. After adding this type of user, it is best to trigger a password reset or ask them to follow the forgotten password reset steps to change their password to something that only they know. 
    • Users with member IDs will be prompted to enter a new password and security questions when they log in for the first time.
  • Prior members: If the user you are adding was previously a member of your digital workplace, the password that you enter will not override their existing password. However, you still must enter a value in the Password field. 
  • Member account guidelines: For information about the responsibilities associated with managing accounts, see Member account guidelines.

Password requirements

When creating an Igloo authentication password, it must conform to these rules:

  • Contain between 10 and 50 characters
  • Contain at least one uppercase character
  • Contain at least one lowercase character
  • Contain at least one digit
  • Contain at least one special character (~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/)
  • Does not match any of the last 5 passwords used for Igloo.
  • Does not contain the account's username
  • Does not contain Unicode characters

How to add a member to the digital workplace

  1. Select   Control Panel.
  2. Under Membership, select Manage Members.
  3. Select Add Members.
  4. Enter the user's First name (maximum of 70 characters).
  5. Enter the user's Last name (maximum of 70 characters). 
  6. Select the type of account: Email or Member ID. Member ID accounts, also known as extended access accounts, are meant for users who do not have access to a corporate email. If you are unable to select Member ID, it has not been enabled for your digital workplace. To find out more about extended access accounts and how to have it enabled, see Extended access.
  7. Depending on the account type that you selected, enter either an Email (maximum of 100 characters) or Member ID (maximum of 63 characters).
  8. Enter a Password. For password rules, refer to Password requirements.  
  9. Re-enter the password in the provided field.
  10. (Optional) If the account type is Email, under System Groups, select Administrators to make this member a Workplace Administrator. Extended access accounts can't be Workplace Administrators.
  11. (Optional) Under Regular Groups, select which Member and Space groups to add this user to.
  12. Select Create Member.
  13. Notify the user of how they can log in.