Can't access digital workplace preview

When attempting to access the digital workplace preview, a member of your organization can't log in to the preview workplace. 

Causes of this behavior: 

Cause: Using an account without the Access Preview role

A workplace or enterprise administrator must assign users the Access Preview role so that users can access the preview workplace. To do so, they must assign a group containing the user the role. If a group has not been created, see Create new groups using the Control Panel for instructions. 

Follow these steps to assign the Access Preview role: 

  1. Select  Control Panel
  2. Under Membership, select Manage Groups
  3. Select Manage Roles.
  4. Select the Preview tab.
  5. In the Access Preview's Assign Groups dropdown, select a group with users who should be assigned the role. Repeat as necessary. 
  6. Select Save.

Cause: Accessing the wrong digital workplace address

When accessing a digital workplace preview, use the address linked in the Control Panel's Community Details page for Community Preview Address. To access it: 

  1. Select  Control Panel
  2. Under Settings, select Community Details
  3. Under Community Preview Address, select the link to open the preview workplace in another browser window.
  4. (Optional) If your digital workplace is configured to use SSO, and SSO has yet to be explicitly configured for your preview workplace, you must modify the Community Preview Address link.
    To do so, append /?signin to the URL of your preview workplace. For example, This allows you to log into your preview workplace using Igloo Authentication credentials from your live workplace. 

Cause: Logging in with the wrong authentication method

When you log into the preview workplace, please consider if SSO (Single Sign-on) has been configured in the preview digital workplace. SSO must be manually configured each month after the preview digital workplace refreshes to be used for authentication. 

  • If SSO has been configured: Log in with your organization's SSO credentials.
  • If SSO has not been configured: Log in using Igloo authentication credentials. To do so, append /?signin to the URL of your preview workplace to navigate to the Sign-in page. 

Cause: Igloo authentication password is not working

You can reset your Igloo authentication password for the preview workplace if you have forgotten or never used it.


When you change your Igloo authentication password in the preview workplace, it will be reset to the live digital workplace password each month during the preview workplace refresh. To avoid this, also update your password in the live digital workplace. See R setting a forgotten Igloo password.

Resolve by requesting a password reset from the preview workplace's Sign-in page

Follow the steps in Resetting a forgotten Igloo password using the URL address for your preview workplace's sign-in page. 

Request a password reset from a workplace or enterprise administrator for the preview workplace

An administrator can log in to the preview workplace and follow the steps in Resetting a member's Igloo password.