Recognition Center Plus


Your organization must be subscribed to Recognition Center Plus to use its widgets. Contact your Customer Success Manager or email the Customer Success Team to subscribe and get access to all available Recognition Center Plus widgets.


Recognition Center Plus is a collection of widgets that gives users the ability to submit, view, and review aggregate information on recognition and kudos posts in their digital workplace.

An example recognition center with all the modules widgets, some contained in tabs.

The Recognition Center gives users the ability to:

  • Publicly recognize coworkers' good work based on predefined company values using the Submissions widget.
  • View others' submissions using the Viewer widget.
  • View aggregated information, including leaderboards, using the Leaderboard widget.
  • View their standing in the rankings using the My Rank widget.

For admins, the Recognition Center Plus Metrics widget can be used to:

  • View data about which users are being recognized the most frequently and for which values.
  • Archive Recognition posts, which moves them to an archive channel and hides their details from the aggregate widgets. This allows an admin to limit the statistics at any given time to a particular timeframe. (e.g., this year, quarter, month.)

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Considerations and caveats

  • English only: This module is currently only available in English and does not support multilingual submissions.
  • Accessibility: Some elements of this module do not have icon tooltips or keyboard navigation options for use with screen readers.
  • Badge image file names: Badge images will not function as expected if you rename them after uploading them to your digital workplace. If you need to rename a badge, do so on your device before uploading the file.
  • Editing posts: Once a recognition post is made, its content can not be edited. If moderation is turned on for the recognition channel and the content is not approved, the submitter must delete the draft and create a new one.

Preparing to set up a Recognition Center

Before setting up a Recognition Center:

  • Decide what corporate values you want to recognize.
  • Decide what names you are going to call the following:
    • The Recognition Center page.
    • The blog channel that users post to.
    • The blog channel that stores archived posts.
    • The label group that stores your corporate value labels.
    • The folder channel that stores image resources.
  • Create badge images for each corporate value you are recognizing. Each image must be a 128x128 pixel PNG file and have a transparent background. Only upload these files to your digital workplace once you reach Step 12 of Setting up a Recognition Center.
  • Create a default badge image. If your badges are having issues, widgets will use this image. This image must be a 128 x 128 pixel PNG file with a transparent background. 
  • Create a default profile image. Widgets display this profile image when a user does not have a profile photo or has their profile image set to private. This image must be a square PNG, JPEG, or GIF.
  • Decide whether you need to create a new group in your digital workplace to control access to who can view and create posts in the Recognition Center. 

Setting up a Recognition Center

Things to consider when setting up a Recognition Center:

  • You must be an administrator of your digital workplace to set up all the components of the Recognition Center.
  • The instructions below provide suggestions on naming and organizing your Recognition Center's components. You can change these to match your organization's brand and desired use case. 

To set up a Recognition Center:

  1. Create a page called Recognition Center. This page will serve as the Recognition Center's dashboard. For information about how to create a page, see Pages.
    • Leave this page blank for now.
    • Create a cascading Read access rule for the user group interacting with the Recognition Center. This will reduce the need to put access rules on some of the components that will be nested under this location.
  2. Create a page called Recognition Center Admin nested below the Recognition Center page. This page can be used with the Metrics widget to limit its visibility.
    • Leave this page blank for now.
    • Block any cascading access rules and leave this page with no access rules. Only admins will be able to access it.
  3. Create a blog channel called Kudos nested below the Recognition Center page. This channel will host recognition posts and store them. For information about creating blog channels, see Blog channels.
    • Create a cascading Write access rule for the user group interacting with the Recognition Center. 
  4. Create a blog channel called Archived Kudos nested below the Recognition Center page. Archived recognition posts will be moved to and stored here.
  5. Create a label group called Corporate Values to store the corporate value labels that users can recognize others for. For information about creating label groups, see Adding a label group.
  6. Within the Corporate Values label group you created, add labels corresponding to your corporate values. The labels used for Recognition Center Plus can contain letters, numbers, and spaces. Do not use special characters. For information about creating labels, see Adding a label to your digital workplace
  7. Record the IDs of your corporate values. You will need these IDs to rename your badge image files. For information on finding label IDs, see Finding label IDs.
  8. Rename your badge image files, replacing their names with the associated label ID. For example, 668934.png.
  9. Create a folder channel called Recognition Center Resources nested below the Recognition Center page. This location will store images and other files used by the Recognition Center. For information about how to create folder channels, see Folder channels.
  10. Upload your default profile image and default badge image to the Recognition Center Resources folder channel. For information about how to add files to a folder channel, see Adding files to folder channels.
  11. Create a folder called Value Badges on the Recognition Center Resources folder channel. For information about how to create a folder, see Add folder.
  12. Upload your badge images to the Value Badges folder.
  13. Place and configure Recognition Center widgets on your Recognition Center page. Descriptions and links to more detailed widget information are under Recognition Center widgets below.
  14. Place and configure the Metrics widget on your Recognition Center Admin page.

You have completed setting up the core components of a Recognition Center. The resulting structure of your Recognition Center after following the above instructions should look like this:

  • Site structure
    • Recognition Center page (Employee Group: Cascading Read Access) 
      • Recognition Center Admin page (Block Cascading Access, No Access Rules)
      • Kudos blog channel (Employee Group: Cascading Write Access)
      • Archived Kudos blog channel
      •  Recognition Center Resources folder channel
        •  Default Profile Image
        •  Default Badge Image 
        •  Value Badges Folder
          • Badge
          • Badge
          • ...
  • Site labels
    •  Corporate Values label group
      •  Value label
      •  Value label
      • ...

Recognition Center widgets

The Recognition Center consists of several different widgets that perform specific functions, which are outlined below. The only widgets needed to use the module are the Submission and Viewer widgets. All others can be added or removed as required.

Widget Description


Displays a stylized leaderboard of users who have received or awarded the most recognition posts.


  •  Submissions Blog Channel


Displays aggregated data about the number of recognition posts submitted and received from the specified channel, allowing administrators to archive existing posts. Archiving existing posts enables an admin to clear out the visible results in the Viewer, Leaderboard, Metrics, and My Rank widgets so that they can be reset once or on a regular cadence, for example, quarterly.


  •  Submissions Blog Channel
  •  Archival Blog Channel
  • Values Label Group (containing value labels)

My Rank

Displays a user's own standing in the recognition leaderboards. This will show different information for every user, depending on how many recognitions they have received.


  •  Submissions Blog Channel


Gives users the ability to submit a post to the recognition blog channel using the provided form. The values dropdown in this widget is populated by the names of labels in the specified label group.


  •  Submissions Blog Channel
  • Value Badges Folder (containing badge images)
  • Values Label Group (containing value labels)

Top Awards

Displays a leaderboard of the award types from most to least awarded.


  •  Submissions Blog Channel


Displays all posts in the recognition blog channel in reverse chronological order with a specialized layout.


  •  Submissions Blog Channel
  • Value Badges Folder (containing badge images)
  •  Default Profile Image
  •  Default Badge Image