Channels act as containers that store the pre-defined content types available in a digital workplace. 

Channels contain almost all content within a workplace. Before being able to create content, a workplace administrator must add channels to a workplace. There is no limit on the number of channels that can be added, and it is often beneficial to have multiple channels of the same type within a digital workplace. These channels can focus on different themes (company news, vs. team news), and can have the level of user access to them controlled independently. 

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Displaying channel contents

A channel's content can be viewed by navigating to the channel, or by creating a view into a channel using widgets. With widgets, it is possible to display the content from multiple channels of the same type in one location.

Channels and their content types

Channel Content Type Usage
Blog Blog articles Communicating stories relevant to an organization.
Calendar Calendar events Scheduling and publicizing events. 
Folder Files/documents and folders Storing documents that have been uploaded into the digital workplace.
Igloo_ForumChannel_IconMedium.png Forum Forum topics Enabling discussion.
Microblog Microblog posts Communicating brief messages.
Task Tasks Tracking and managing tasks.
Wiki Wiki Articles Managing knowledge.

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