Granting the app permissions

The Igloo Mobile app requires certain permissions to be granted on your device for full functionality. These permissions are requested when launching the app for the first time and can be modified at a later date from the Settings app of your device. Denying these permissions will limit the ability to share content from your phone (e.g. pictures) to the digital workplace when commenting or posting microblogs.

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How to grant permissions on new app installations

When launching the app for the first time, you will be presented with a series of popups requesting permission to access:

  • Photos, media, and files.
  • Taking pictures and recording video.

When each popup is displayed, select whether you would like to approve or deny the request. If you deny the request you will be prompted with the same request again the next time that you launch the app unless you also select the option Don't ask again.

Modifying app permissions 

Your mobile device provides a central location where you can manage the app's permissions.