Navigation page

The Navigation page displays an interactive map of the locations that are part of a space. Space administrators can access this page from the Space Administration Panel to add, move, remove, and edit the channels, dashboards and pages that are in the space. This functionality is similar to what is available on the Site Manager but restricted to a space.

Changes made on the Navigation page happen immediately.

The navigation page of a space.

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Navigate the Sitemap

Select the + plus button located to the left of a page to display the pages, dashboards, and channels located under it. Selecting this button again will hide the items located under the page. If a page does not have anything under it, this button is not displayed. 

Add pages, dashboards and channels

Select + Add to view a list of items that can be added to the space. Options include:

Move pages, dashboards, and channels

Select and drag the page, dashboard, or channel to where you want it to be. As you drag the item over other items in the Site Manager a horizontal bar will indicate where the moved item will be placed when you release the mouse button. Holding the item over a page will expand its contents (if they are not already expanded). 

When you release the mouse button you may receive a popup warning that the URL path of the object will change. This message occurs when you move an item between pages, from the root of the space to a page, or from a page to the root of the space. Any links that provide navigation to the item's old location are redirected to this new location.

Edit pages, dashboards, and channels

Click the action button located (downward facing arrow) to the right of a page, dashboard, or channel to view what actions you can perform. These options will vary depending on the item but may include:

  • Quick Edit: Enter a new Title and URL.
  • Navigation: Select whether the item displays in the navigation. A hidden item can still be accessed and will still appear in search results. For pages, you can also select whether it has a drop-down that displays links to the items located under it. This drop-down only appears when the item is in the main navigation bar.  
  • Full Edit: Navigate to the item's Edit page.
  • View: Navigates to the item.
  • Access: Navigate to the item's Access page.
  • Settings: Navigate to the item's Settings page.
  • Delete: Delete the item and all of its contents from your workplace. Deleting a Page also deletes everything underneath it. Deleted items will exist in the Trash Can for 30 days.