Member account guidelines

When a workplace administrator, or a member with the appropriate role,  adds a user to a digital workplace, the digital workplace creates an account for that member. The member is then able to access the digital workplace using the unique username and password that are associated with their account.

Account guidelines

Workplace administrators should ensure that:

  • Each user accessing the digital workplace has their own account.
  • Account and profile information is true and accurate.
  • Only members may access and use any password-protected (non-public) areas of the digital workplace.
  • Each member maintains the confidentiality of and is the sole user of the username and password for the account.
  • Members do not transfer any account to any other individuals without Igloo's prior written approval.
  • Members shall comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Members use a supported browser to access the digital workplace.
  • Members use a supported release version (only the two most recent versions are supported) of any Igloo Applications (e.g. File Manager and the Digital Workplace App).

Reusing accounts

Each account may only be assigned to and used by one individual at a time and may not be shared with any other individual. You may reassign an account to a new individual to replace one who no longer requires ongoing use of the account.

New digital workplaces

Each digital workplace comes with one initial member account. This account will be part of the digital workplace's Administrator group and can be used to add additional members to the digital workplace and for authorizing and controlling access to the digital workplace for its members.