Pop-up enhancement

The Pop-up enhancement gives workplace administrators and communications teams a powerful way to direct digital workplace members' attention to important actions or information before entering the site or viewing content.  

A simple pop-up being used to display an announcement.

A terms and conditions pop-up prompting users to agree with them in order to proceed.

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Considerations and caveats

Keep in mind the following when using this enhancement: 

  • The pop-up targets a single group of users.
  • The pop-up functions site-wide. 
  • The terms and conditions pop-up requires Premium Profiles as it writes the user's response to a custom terms_conditions profile field.

Configuration options

There are 3 types of pop-ups:

  • Simple: Use to draw attention to important information or recent changes. Users can dismiss this pop-up by selecting anywhere else on the page or by selecting the provided button.
  • One-time terms & conditions: Use to prompt users with a one-time acknowledgment. Users can only dismiss this pop-up by selecting the provided button, which is usually labeled Ok, I agree, or Cancel. Users cannot interact with the rest of the page until they acknowledge the provided information.
  • Recurring terms & conditions: Functions similarly to the one-time terms & conditions; however, the pop-up will re-appear after a configurable set amount of time has passed. 

You can target these pop-ups to appear for specific digital workplace groups and locations.