Pop-up enhancement

The Pop-up enhancement gives workplace administrators and communications teams a powerful way to direct digital workplace members' attention to important actions or information before entering the site or viewing content.  

A simple pop-up being used to display an announcement.

A terms and conditions pop-up prompting users to agree with them in order to proceed.

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Considerations and caveats

Keep in mind the following when using this enhancement: 

  • When a user logs out, the associated cookie is wiped, leading to the configured popup duration being overridden upon login. This behaviour is defined by the platform and should be considered when implementing and configuring the popup feature.
  • The pop-up targets a single group of users.
  • The pop-up functions site-wide. 
  • The terms and conditions pop-up requires Premium Profiles as it writes the user's response to a custom terms_conditions profile field.

Configuration options

There are 3 types of pop-ups:

  • Simple: Use to draw attention to important information or recent changes. Users can dismiss this pop-up by selecting anywhere else on the page or by selecting the provided button.
  • One-time terms & conditions: Use to prompt users with a one-time acknowledgment. Users can only dismiss this pop-up by selecting the provided button, which is usually labeled Ok, I agree, or Cancel. Users cannot interact with the rest of the page until they acknowledge the provided information.
  • Recurring terms & conditions: Functions similarly to the one-time terms & conditions; however, the pop-up will re-appear after a configurable set amount of time has passed. 

You can target these pop-ups to appear for specific digital workplace groups and locations.