Changing your privacy settings

Choose what parts of your personal profile are visible to other types of users. These settings control what other users will see when they visit your profile page or view your profile card.

The privacy settings page of a user's profile.

How to change your privacy settings

  1. Select your Name on the Userbar.
  2. Select Profile.
  3. Select Edit Profile.
  4. Select the Privacy tab.
  5. For each part of your profile, select who can view it. 
    • Nobody: Nobody can see it.
      • If Emails are set to Nobody, workplace administrators can still see them on the Manage Members page.
      • If Pictures (Profile Photos) display as broken images after changing to Nobody, refresh the page. A generic silhouette will display in place of any uploaded picture.
    • Contacts: Only contacts can see it.
    • Members: Only members of your digital workplace can see it.
    • Everybody: Anybody (including users who are not digital workplace members) can see it.
  6. Select Save to apply your changes.