Changing your preferred language

If your digital workplace has multiple languages enabled, you can select what language content and notifications are displayed in.

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Considerations and caveats

  • Notifications: Content and notifications will always attempt to display in your preferred language, however, the following conditions could result in this not occurring:
    • If the content is not available in the selected language, the digital workplace will attempt to display content using the default workplace language.
    • If the content is not available in the default digital workplace language or the user's selected language, content will be displayed in the only language that it has been created with.
  • Digital workplace language: When selecting a language, one option will be marked with an asterisk (*), this is your digital workplace's default language. This default language is typically the primary language used by your organization.
  • Translations: Content translations are provided by content creators. If the content is not being displayed in your preferred language, reach out to its creator to let them know that adding additional languages would be appreciated.

How to change your preferred language from the Userbar

The language selector found on the userbar.

  1. Select Language Selector.
  2. Select a language from the provided list.

How to change your preferred language from the Profile page


  1. Select your Name.
  2. Select Profile.
  3. Select Edit Profile.
  4. On the Personal tab, select the Preferred Language drop-down and then select a language.
  5. Select Save.