Changing your online status

Appearing as a color indicator on your profile picture, profile card, and profile page, your online status signals your current availability to other users in your digital workplace. A short customizable text description accompanies the color indicator.

Online status displayed on a profile card.

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You have four statuses to select from; their default text is:

  • A green indicator. Online
  • A red indicator. Away
  • A yellow indicator. Busy
  • A gray indicator. Offline

A workplace administrator can customize this text. For more information see, Customizing workplace online status text.

As described below, you can also set custom text that persists across each status. 

Automatic updates on sign out and sign in

Once you set your online status, it will stay on that status until you sign out of your digital workplace or select a different status. After 15 minutes of being signed out of your digital workplace, your status will display as Offline to other users. When you sign back in, your status will default to what you set it to last.

How to change your online status

The online status menu.

  1. On the Userbar, select the Status Indicator.
  2. Select a status.

How to change the text of your online status

The custom status text box.

  1. On the Userbar, select the Status Indicator.
  2. Select your current status. Your current status appears at the top of the statuses list and will typically have the same background color as the Userbar.
  3. Enter your custom status text in the provided text box, and press enter to confirm it.