Changing a member's email address

Update or change a member's email address from the Manage Members page of your digital workplace.

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Who can do this

  • Workplace Administrators
  • Enterprise Administrators

Email validity

The new email that you enter must be valid. This means that:

  • The new email takes a form similar to 
  • The new email cannot match the current email.
  • The new email cannot match the email of another member of your digital workplace (this includes former members who have had their membership revoked).

How to change a member's email address


  1. Select  Control Panel.
  2. Under Membership, select Manage Members.
  3. Enter the member's name in the search box and then press enter or select Go.
  4. Next to a member's name, select  Actions followed by Change Email Address.
  5. Enter a new email address for the member in the provided field.
  6. Select Save Changes to apply this change.
  7. (Optional) Refresh the page to cause the member list to reflect this change.