Connecting to data feeds with DOMO

DOMO is a cloud-based data visualization and dashboard creation tool. Data Feeds can be connected to using DOMO's JSON Advanced connector.

For more information about DOMO, visit the DOMO Help Center.

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Who can do this

  • Workplace administrators
  • Enterprise administrators
  • Members of groups with the Access Analytics role


When connecting to your digital workplace's data feeds, you must authenticate using your Igloo Authentication credentials. If you do not know what your Igloo Authentication password is, see Resetting a forgotten Igloo password

Importing data feeds with the JSON Advanced connector

  1. Log in to DOMO.
  2. Find and select the JSON Advanced connector from the list of Data Connectors.
  3. Enter your Igloo Authentication credentials.
  4. Enter the following connection details:
    • Connection method: HTTP Request
    • URL: The URL of the Data Feed table to connect to
    • Line Reader: No
    • Backslash Escape: No
    • Additional Options: No
  5. Select the frequency at which DOMO will connect to your digital workplace's data feeds.
  6. Name and save your dataset.

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