Connecting to data feeds with Tableau

Tableau provides the ability to work with and visualize data. Using Tableau, you can directly connect to, and import individual data feeds.

For more information about Tableau, see Getting Started with Tableau.

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Who can do this

  • Workplace Administrators
  • Enterprise Administrators
  • Members of groups with the Access Analytics role


When connecting to your digital workplace's data feeds, you must authenticate using your Igloo Authentication credentials. If you do not know what your Igloo Authentication password is, see Resetting a forgotten Igloo password


Some Data Feeds can be very large, connecting to these can result in timeouts and not importing the table. To avoid this, use filters when entering your Data Feeds URL.

For example, to create a table that contains only blog posts created in 2018:

https://{your community domain}/odata/dContentBlog?$filter=year(row_active_date) eq 2018

See Filtering Data Feeds for more information.

Importing a Data Feeds table into Tableau

  1. Open Tableau.
  2. Select New Data Source.
  3. In the To a Server section, select Odata.
  4. Enter the URL of the table that you are connecting to. For example, to connect to dContentBlog the URL would look like this: https://{your community domain}/odata/dContentBlog.
  5. Select Username and Password for Authentication.
  6. For Username, enter your Igloo Authentication email address.
  7. For Password, your Igloo Authentication password.
  8. (Optional) Repeat this process to import additional tables.

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