Customizing digital workplace online status text

As a workplace administrator, you can change what text is associated with each online status indicator. These indicators appear on users' profile pictures, profile cards, and profile pages, and signals a user's current availability to other users in your digital workplace.

Online status indicators on a user's profile page.

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How to customize digital workplace online status text

The Online Status page.

  1. Select  Control Panel.
  2. Under Overview, select Online Status.
  3. For each of the four statuses, enter the text that you want to associate with it; select use default to revert the text to its default value. These default values are:
    • A green indicator.Online
    • A red indicator.Away
    • A yellow indicator.Busy
    • A gray indicator.Offline
  4. Select Save.

Additional resources

For information about how users interact with online statuses, see Changing your online status.