Data Storage and Backups

All Azure customer data is stored in the Igloo platform hosted in Azure data centers. Binary data is stored in Azure Blob Storage containers, with content and metadata residing in the Igloo database. This component segregation is designed to prevent access to other customer data, even in the event of an application or permissions error. Customers can request our semi-single tenant option which provides additional security utilizing a separate database instance for the customer.

How is the Data backed up?

Igloo performs full mesh data replication and data backups on a regular basis. All data backups are protected from unauthorized access via Microsoft Active Directory authentication. Following a least privilege model, encrypted backups are restricted to employees whose job requires such access. The backup schedule is as follows:

  • Binary data: Read accessible, Geo-Redundant Storage - data replicated 3 times in primary region and 3 times in secondary region
  • Database backups: Full backups once per week, Incremental every day and prior to major releases
  • Transaction Log backups: Every 15 minutes with asynchronous replication or log shipping to the secondary site database depending on requirements
  • Backup retention: Maintained for 30 days then securely disposed

Customers can request the following premium data backup services from Igloo:

  • Data Backups: Can be stored off-site at an additional cost to the customer. The delivery method varies depending on customer requirements.
  • Deleted Data: Can be recovered immediately using the trash can option in the Igloo platform.
  • Premium Disaster Recovery: Guarantees recovery times and minimal data loss in the event of a disaster.