Provides a record of all Forum Replies within the digital workplace. Adding a Reply to a Forum Topic File or changing a Reply's resolution status will add a row to this table.




Name Data Type Connects to:
forum_reply_key Edm.Int64
forum_key Edm.Int64
forum_reply_state_key Edm.Int32
user_key Edm.Int32
Key Attributes
Name Data Type Description
row_active_date Edm.DateTimeOffset The date the current row was created.
The date the current row was made inactive. Active rows will have a date with year 9999.
is_resolution Edm.Boolean  TRUE if the Forum Reply has been marked as the resolution. Otherwise, FALSE.
source_system_id Edm.Guid A unique identifier for a Forum Reply.
community_key Edm.Int32 A unique identifier for a digital workplace.
Table Attributes