Provides detailed data of day formats.




Name Data Type Connects to:
monday_week_key Edm.Int32 
sunday_week_key Edm.Int32 
month_key Edm.Int32
Key Attributes
Name Data Type Description
day_date Edm.DateTimeOffset Calendar date of a day.
date_us_format Edm.String Date formatted as mm/dd/yyyy.
date_eu_format Edm.String Date formatted as dd/mm/yyyy.
day_name Edm.String Name of a day.
day_abbrv Edm.String Abbreviation of day name.
day_of_sunday_week Edm.Byte  Day number if Sunday is the first day of the week.
day_of_monday_week Edm.Byte  Day number if Saturday is the first day of the week.
day_of_month Edm.Byte Day of a month.
day_of_year Edm.Int16 Day of a year.
is_weekday Edm.Boolean Whether the day is a weekday or not. False if day is Saturday or Sunday.
day_key Edm.Int32 Unique day identifier.
Table Attributes