Creating a personal dashboard

Create your own dashboard to curate the content that you find relevant to your work. You can view your dashboards on the Dashboards page (accessible from the User menu).

You can have multiple workplace dashboards.

For more information about dashboards, see Dashboards.

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Considerations and caveats

Who can do this

  • Workplace administrators
  • Enterprise administrators
  • Space administrators (within their Space)


Personal dashboards must be enabled in your digital workplace to allow the creation of new dashboards.

For more information about enabling dashboards, see Dashboards.

How to create personal dashboards

  1. On the Userbar, select your name.
  2. Select Dashboard from the User menu to navigate to the dashboard page. 
  3. Select Add Personal Dashboard. The new dashboard will be created immediately and ready for editing.
  4. Enter a name for the dashboard in the Navigation Title text field. This name will form the URL of the Dashboard and is what will appear on the Dashboard's secondary navigation bar.
    • While this name can be changed, the URL will always contain the original dashboard's name.
  5. Place Widgets on the dashboard to display content, provide easy navigation, or extra utility.
    • See the Widgets article to learn about additional options.
    • The Placing a Widget article provides instructions on different ways of laying out Widgets.
    • Select Preview to view what the dashboard would look like if published.
  6. Select Create Dashboard.

How to edit an existing personal dashboard

After creating a dashboard, it's possible to make changes to it by re-entering its Edit page. While on the dashboard, select the  Actions button to open the Actions menu, and select Edit. By default, the edit page of the dashboard will display the structure of the last saved draft. Click Switch to published version to view the current Dashboard instead of the most recent draft dashboard. This option will only appear at the top of the dashboard if there is an unpublished draft; otherwise, the current dashboard will be displayed.

Revert to a previous version of the dashboard using the Version History drop-down located at the bottom of the page. Selecting a version will immediately load that version but not apply it.

How to delete a personal dashboard

To permanently delete a personal dashboard, navigate to it, select the  Actions button to open the Actions menu, and select Delete.

Warning: Deleted personal dashboards are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.