Disabling Points and Status

Your digital workplace's Points and Status system can provide incentives to help boost user engagement through the gamification of participation. If you don't have plans on using this system, and you are a workplace administrator or have the Manage Reputation role, you can disable it so its features do not show up elsewhere in the workplace (eg. Achievement tab of user profiles).

How to disable Points and Status

The following steps describe how to disable Points and Status in your workplace. This process is accomplished removing the current badge sprite sheet from the workplace.

Note: If you have a custom badge sprite sheet, download it before following these steps. If you decide to start using Points and Status again, you can then re-upload your custom sheet. A link to download the default template can be found in the information box on the right-hand side of the Points and Status page.

  1. Select  Control Panel.
  2. Under Membership section, select Points and Status to navigate to the Points and Status page.
  3. Check the box Remove existing Badges. A message will display that indicates that removal of the sprite sheet will disable Points and Status.
  4. Select Save to confirm the removal of the badge sprite sheet.

After removing the sprite sheet, Points and Status will be disabled in the digital workplace.