Domain mapping

Digital workplaces that use a custom domain name (does not use ) must ensure that it points to the Igloo environment where the digital workplace resides. This mapping of custom domain to its Igloo environment is managed by either A or CNAME records configured in your third-party DNS provider. 

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How to manage DNS records

To manage your DNS records, follow the steps given by your DNS provider. Common DNS providers are:

When updating the DNS record, reduce the Time to live (TTL) value associated with it. This will ensure that web servers recognize the change quicker.

How to set up a custom domain for your digital workplace

Contact your Customer Success Manager or email the Customer Success Team to start the domain mapping process. If you are changing your custom domain, please initiate this process at least one week before the planned change date to avoid any service interruptions.

You can expect the following steps to occur during the domain mapping process.

Gathering of prerequisites

If you want to use a custom domain for your Igloo, you must be the owner of the domain, and have the access required to make changes to the DNS settings.

Once you have determined your desired domain, inform you Igloo representative of the domain to begin the setup process.

Validating your domain

In order to secure your site, Igloo will apply an SSL Certificate to your chosen domain which requires validation from you.

To do this, the WHOIS registrant email for your domain needs to be public, and have the ability to receive email during the SSL certificate generation process. If it is currently set to private, it can be toggled to show as public temporarily.

Once the registrant email is confirmed, you will receive an email from our SSL certificate provider asking for domain name validation.

There is a confirmation link inside the email that is only valid for 24 hours, and must be used during that time. After the confirmation, Igloo will perform the rest of the SSL configuration.

Mapping the domain

Igloo will make some internal configuration changes, and you will be asked to create a CNAME Record. It is also recommended that the TTL be reduced to the minimum value prior to making any changes.

If a CNAME Record cannot be created for your domain, then an A Record and MX Records will need to be created.

If you are already using MX Records in your domain, then a new subdomain will need to be created to handle the email functionality of Igloo.

Refer to the Igloo mail server information article to find the values required for configuring email functionality.