Microblog posts

Create microblog posts to communicate brief and timely information to your digital workplace.

Microblog posts live in Microblog Channels and can be aggregated using a Microblog Posts widget.

An example microblog post with no comments or attachements.

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Post layout

Microblog posts consist of the following components:

  • Post Header: Contains the following information and tools:
    • The date the post was published.
    • The number of followers. Administrators and users with at least Edit access to the post can select the number of followers to view who is following.
    • The post's Shared in button. Select to view which microblog channels to post is shared to.
    • The post's Edit button. Only visible to Administrators and users with at least Edit access to the post.
    • The author of the article, their occupation, and department. Users can select the author's name to go to their profile.
    • A Translate button. Users can select this to translate the post to their currently selected language.
  • Content section: Contains the following:
    • The body of the post.
    • A link to a referenced location elsewhere in the digital workplace. For more information on how to add this link, see Share a Thought.
    • Any attachments.
    • A Like button.
    • A Follow button that users can select to receive (or stop receiving) instant notifications about comments and edits to the article.
    • A Copy link button that copies the URL of the article so that it can be pasted elsewhere.
  • Comments and Related Content tabs: Users can alternate between these tabs to view and interact with their content.
  • Trailer bar: Contains the following:
    • An Email Link button that creates an email containing a link to the article.
    • A Broadcast button (for users in groups with the role) that allows users to send a notification to specific groups.
    • A Feedback button that sends a message to all workplace administrators.

Creating microblog posts

Creating a microblog post.

You can start creating a microblog post in the following ways (you require at least write access to a microblog channel to be able to add content to it):

  • Using Share a Thought. For more information, see Share a Thought.
  • Navigate to a microblog channel and select Add a post.
  • On a Microblog Posts widget sharing thoughts enabled, select Share a thought....
  • Email content to the microblog channel. The channel must be configured to allow emailed content. For more information, see Add Content via email.

You can find more information about the various fields and settings in the Options section of this article.

When you are ready to publish your post, select Share.

Removing a microblog post

Regardless of how you remove a post, users with a direct link can still access it. If this is a concern, edit the post before you remove it and replace all the text withDeleted or a custom message. Then, proceed with the steps below.

At least Write access to a microblog channel is required to remove posts from it.

To remove a  post:

  1. While viewing a post on one of its channels or in a widget, select  Actions followed by View Post.
  2. Above the post, select Shared in.
  3. Select next to each Microblog channel to remove the post from that channel and select Ok when prompted to confirm your action.

Alternatively, while viewing a Microblog post on a channel, there is a Delete option found under Actions. However, this will only remove the post from the current channel.

Sharing an existing microblog post

If you want to share a post that has already been written, you can comment on the post with the appropriate hashtag for another Microblog channel, provided you have at least Write access to that channel.

For example: #CorporateNews.


These options are available when creating a post:

Option Description
Post content

Enter the body of your post. For more information about the available tools, see WYSIWYG Editor.

The editor also supports the use of:

  • @mentions: Call out a specific person in your post, sending them a notification. For more information, see @mentions.
  • #hashtags: When creating a post, you can share it with other microblog channels using their hash name. The article will only be added to a channel if the user has at least Write access to that channel.
Share with... Add your post to other microblog channels in your digital workplace. Only channels that you have at least Write access to are visible.

Open for sharing/Sharing disabled

Users can use hashtags in their comments to share the post to other microblog channels if enabled.

Reference current page

Only available when using Share a thought on the userbar. 

This will add a link to the current digital workplace location below the post's content.


Select this option and then drag files from your computer into the attachments field, or select Select files from your computer to browse your computer. Attachments will appear directly below the body of your published post and will be available for download. For more information, see Attachments.
Standard options

Other actions