Manage Archive

Your digital workplace supports content archiving and retention schedules. Content that is no longer relevant to the needs of your digital workplace members can be easily archived. This feature allows you to manage workplace archiving policies and view content that is archived or in the queue to be archived. Only workplace administrators can access the digital workplace's Manage Archive feature. However, space administrators can view the queued and archived content of their space in their space's Manage Archive page. 

To get to the digital workplace's Manage Archive page:

  1. At the top of the page, select Control Panel.
  2. Under Overview, select Manage Archive.

To get to a space's Manage Archive page: 

  1. Go to the space and select Administration.
  2. Under Overview, select Manage Archive.

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Features and functionality

The following features are found in the Manage Archives page:


The archiving queue displays the items that are scheduled to be archived and allows you to postpone or prevent archiving. See Postpone or stop the archiving of queued content for instructions. 

The archive queue.


This displays the items that have been recently archived and provides the ability to restore content to be unarchived. See Archive or unarchive content for instructions. 

The Archived item list.


Available in the digital workplace Manage Archive page only, Retention Policy Settings allows you to create rules to archive content for blog articles, calendar events, files, forum posts, or microblog posts in the digital workplace. You can set the rule to work a given number of days, weeks, months, or years following a specific event such as last comment, end of event, publish date, last version, and post date. A grace period can be defined to allow content to be postponed or prevented from archiving in the archiving queue. See Create, edit, or delete a workplace archiving policy for instructions. 

The Retention Policy Settings page.Archiving and grace period settings.

Frequently asked questions

How do I enable archiving?

Archiving must be enabled in your digital workplace’s global settings. See Enable or disable archiving for instructions. Individual channels can be configured to utilize the global archiving policy from this feature or a different policy as required. See Edit a channel's archiving policy.

Can space administrators manage the archives for the content within their space?

Space administrators can view queued and archived content in their space. They can also set archiving policies on channels and content within their space. See Edit a channel's archiving policy.