Editing files with File Manager

With File Manager, you can quickly make edits to files stored in your digital workplace. Rather than manually downloading, editing, and re-uploading a file, File Manager handles the downloading and re-uploading giving you time to focus on the editing. 

When you select a file to edit with File Manager, File Manager automatically downloads the file to a location on your device and opens it using your device's preferred application for that type of file (the extent to which you can edit the file is dependent on this default application). Whenever you save the file, File Manager uploads it to your digital workplace as a new version of the existing file.

While editing, File Manager keeps the file reserved, preventing others from making edits to it. 

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How to edit files with File Manager

If you are editing files with an application that has an autosave feature (e.g., Word, Excel, etc.), please disable autosave. Failing to do so will result in the file not being updated in your digital workplace when you save it.
  1. In File Manager, go to the location of the file. If you are already previewing the file in a web browser, select Open File Manager. For more information, see Opening files and folders in File Manager from a web browser.
  2. Double-click the file or right-click it and select Edit.
  3. Using the application that your device opened, edit the file. 
    • In the application, select Save whenever you want to update the file in your workplace.
    • While editing, an Editing File message is displayed in File Manager. This prevents you from using File Manager until you confirm that you are done editing the file.
  4. When you are done editing the file and have saved your changes, close the application.
  5. In File Manager, select Done in response to the Editing File message.

Edited files on your device

Files that you edit are saved in the File Manager's logs folder in addition to getting saved to your workplace. These files are not removed when you are done editing them.

To go to the location of these files, while in File Manager, select Help followed by Display Error Logs.

Unsupported file types

The following file types can't be edited with File Manager:

  • dot

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