Equal Columns enhancement

Make all columns within a Page Row have equal widths with the Equal Columns enhancement. Use this to add visual versatility to a Page

Two widgets on a page with equal widths.

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Considerations and caveats

Keep in mind the following when using the Equal Columns enhancement: 

  • Widgets that you want to be in equal columns must all be in the same Page Row and first placed in the standard column positions.
  • Maximum of three columns.
  • Only column widths are changed, not their behavior or the behavior of the contained widgets. As a result, some widgets (such as the Call to Action widget) may behave unexpectedly.

How to create equal columns

The outcome of applying equal columns to three widgets in the same row.

  1. Place your widgets into the columns of a single Page Row.
  2. Add the equal-columns class to the Page Row. Refer to the article Applying custom CSS to Page Rows if you are unsure of how to apply CSS classes to a Page Row.
  3. Publish the page to have this enhancement take effect.