EU GDPR and Data Privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was put into place by the European Union (EU) as a replacement for the Data Protection Directive. The core purpose is to create a single regulation to safeguard EU citizens' fundamental right to data protection. 

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Igloo will fulfill requests for access and requests for anonymization (of personally identifiable information) from authorized representatives of the customer. A request for access is when an employee requests an output that shows, or provides access to, all identifying information in their digital workplace. A request for anonymization refers to when an employee requests all identifying information to be "forgotten" from their digital workplace.

How do I make a request?

An authorized representative should submit a request for access or erasure within 48 hours of receiving a request from their users by submitting a support ticket

What steps are required to fulfill a request?

Upon receipt of the request, Igloo Customer Support will provide you with the necessary documentation to fulfill the request. As Igloo does not delete customer generated content, some aspects of the request will need to be fulfilled by your Digital Workplace Administrator. Igloo commits to supporting the 30 day SLA for fulfillment of these requests, conditional upon the Digital Workplace Administrator completing the required steps within the communicated timelines.