Provides a record of all user activity on Forum Channel Replies in a digital workplace.




Name Data Type Connects to:
forum_reply_key Edm.Int64
forum_key Edm.Int64
user_key Edm.Int32
space_key Edm.Int64
forum_container_key Edm.Int64
utc_half_hour_key Edm.Int32
Key Attributes
Name Data Type Description
forum_replies_added Edm.Int32  A value of 1 indicates the creation of a Forum Reply.
forum_replies_removed Edm.Int32 A value of 1 indicates the deletion of a Forum Reply.
forum_reply_likes_added Edm.Int32 Total amount of likes made on a Forum Reply by a user within a half hour period.
community_key Edm.Int32 A unique identifier for a digital workplace.
Key Attributes