Channel colors

Setting a channel color will allow users to differentiate similar content across your digital workplace. Channel color can be set for blogs, calendars, folders, forums, microblogs, and wikis. This color will appear in widgets to help identify the source of content being displayed.

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Features and functionality

Channel colors appear in various widgets.

Channel colors are most frequently used to distinguish events coming from different calendars in the Calendar Events widget in the standard layout. For example, events from a marketing calendar could appear in blue, while sales calendar events appear in red.

A Calendar widget showing events from multiple calendars.

Channel colors determine the background color of a blog channel’s name when displayed in a Blog Articles widget.

A Blog Articles widget showing posts from multiple blog channels.

Channel colors will also appear next to channel names in the Channels widget.

The Channels widget showing multiple channels.

Channel colors will also help differentiate wiki articles when using a Wiki Index widget to display information from multiple wikis.

The Wiki Index widget displaying articles from multiple wiki channels.

In addition to adding channel colors to a folder, colors can also be assigned to subfolders within a folder channel by selecting  Actions next to the subfolder and following the same steps as you would if applying a color to the channel. The assigned color will appear as a chicklet next to the folder’s name.

Folders colored to help differentiate them.

How to set a channel color

A channel color can be set for any blog, calendar, folder, forum, microblog, or wiki.

  1. Select  Actions.
  2. Select Settings. 
  3. In the Channel Color section, select a color swatch to select that color for the channel. A checkmark will appear to indicate that it has been selected.
    The Channel Color picker.
  4. Select Save

Best practices 

Select accessible colors

When choosing colors to distinguish your channels be sure to take into account the accessibility of certain color pairings. By doing this you can improve the experience that people with color vision deficiency have when using your workplace.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the same color more than once?

While choosing a channel color does not restrict that color from being used again for another channel, it is best practice to use unique colors, especially for channels of the same type.