Built.io Integration

Use Built.io to trigger content creation and updates in your digital workplace based off a trigger in a third-party app. You must have a paid Built.io Flow Enterprise account, and an Igloo API key and password.

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Features and functionality

Perform the following Igloo Actions due to third-part triggers:

  • Create a Blog Article
  • Update a Blog Article
  • Create a Microblog Post
  • Update a Microblog Post
  • Create a Wiki Article
  • Update a Wiki Article
  • Create a User
  • Update a User

Use cases

  • Human Resources
    • Connect Greenhouse.io, Igloo and LinkedIn to share job postings in Slack.
    • Connect Cisco Spark, Jobvite and Igloo to evaluate new candidates easily.
    • Connect Igloo, Slack, Gmail, SMS and Jobvite to onboard a new employee.
  • Marketing
    • Connect Twitter, Facebook and Cisco Spark to monitor brand mentions.
    • Connect Igloo, Slack, Gmail and Box and alert teams to new marketing collateral.
    • Connect Dropbox to Igloo and Cisco Spark. When a new sales deck is created, update the sales wiki with the latest version.
  • IT Help Desk
    • Connect Slack, Jira, and Igloo to receive and assign new projects to teams in different departments.
    • Connect Igloo to mail to improve your governance center.
    • Connect Intercom to your FAQ. Populate your help desk microblog with the most recent questions.
  • Document Management
    • Connect Office 365 to your resources center. Automatically update your company wiki when documents are updated.
    • Connect Igloo to email to send internal blog post alerts to the company.
    • Keep all your customer wikis up-to-date when new documents are added or contracts are updated.
  • Sales
    • Connect Cisco Spark, Igloo, Email and SMS to alert your entire company when a major deal is closed.
    • Connect Google Sheets to Igloo to create a customer wiki page with the company details from the spreadsheet.
    • Connect Igloo, Box and Email to attach relevant documents like NDAs, contracts and POs to customer wiki’s.
  • Internal Comms
    • Connect Igloo, Slack, and Email to your newsroom.
    • Connect Igloo, Gmail and DocuSign so when the microblog for each department is updated, a message will be sent out to alert all - relevant parties.
    • Connect Igloo to Smartsheet and Google Drive. Version and track changes throughout all your wikis and microblogs.