Recovering objects from the digital workplace's trash can

Restore deleted objects from the digital workplace's trash can back to where they were before deletion.

Considerations and caveats

Who can do this

  • Workplace administrators
  • Enterprise administrators

Recovered objects

When restoring content, all the content below it is also restored, along with their configuration settings. For example:

  • Restoring a Blog article will restore the article with any attachments and comments etc.
  • Restoring a Page will restore it with the same widget configurations; it will also restore channels and Pages located under it and any items under those locations.

What can't be recovered

You cannot recover the following objects:

Space trash can

Space administrators can access a limited view of the Trash Can from the Space Administration Panel. This view of the trash can contains only content that has been deleted from the Space. For steps to recover objects from this view of the trash can, see recovering objects from a space's trash can.

How to recover objects from the digital workplace's trash can

  1. Select  Control Panel.
  2. Under Overview, select Trash Can.
  3. Find the file that you want to recover. You can sort by Created by, Deleted by, and Date deleted to assist with finding your object. Additionally, you can use the arrows at the bottom of the Deleted Items list to view additional results.
  4. Mouseover the object that you want to recover, and select Recover.
  5. In the confirmation window, select Recover.