Finding which tenant your digital workplace is on

Communications from Igloo may sometimes reference a tenant name when discussing where an issue may be occurring. Follow the steps in this article to find out which tenant your workplace is on. 

How to find which tenant your digital workplace is on

The headers section of a workplace location.

  1. Go to your digital workplace's home page.
  2. Open your browser's developer tools (F12 for Windows devices or Command+Option+I for Mac devices).
  3. In the developer tools, select the Network tab.
  4. Refresh the page that you are on.
  5. In the Network tab of the developer tools, look for the entry with a document typeand select it.
  6. Select the Header tab of the network entry.
  7. Under the Response Headers section, find the IGLOO_NODE parameter. 

Your tenant is the middle part of the IGLOO_NODE parameter. For example, for IGLOO_NODE: P-CAMLT-WEB13, the tenant would be CAMLT.