Templating Spaces

Use Space templates to quickly create structurally and visually consistent locations in your digital workplace. If your digital workplace contains locations for separate teams, offices, or regions, you should develop a standard structure to minimize the time it takes to create a new location and provide familiarity to your users. 

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Considerations and caveats

  • Igloo Solutions: Solutions are pre-built spaces designed to improve collaboration and provide a knowledge management framework. For more information, see Solutions.
  • Editing templates: Making changes to a space does not affect existing spaces that used it as a template.

What's included in a space template

These space properties are part of a template: 

  • Channels and pages.
  • Layout and settings of widgets on pages within the Space.
  • Access rules: Access rules that reference a template Space group update to reference the space group in the newly created Space.
  • Space groups: but not their membership
  • Group subscriptions: Subscriptions that reference a template space group update to reference the space group in the newly created space
  • Styles on page rows
  • Page-specific JavaScript (located on the Advanced page)
  • Channel settings: Commenting, notification settings, pinning, read tracking, channel color, mandatory labels, search box setting, Wiki home article, Wiki layout settings, Wiki home options, folder layout, document layout, folder content settings, and folder layout settings.
  • Channel templates
  • Folder Channel folder structure

These Space properties are not part of a template:

  • Search engine optimizations
  • Members
  • Channel content
  • Channel settings: Email, moderation, and archiving.

Setting a Space as a template

Any existing Space can be used as a template. You don't need to set a Space as a template, and you cannot restrict a Space from being used as a template. 

Applying a Space template

You can only apply templates when creating a space and can only select templates of Spaces that you have at least Read access to.

  1. On the Userbar, select Add Content.
  2. Select Space.
  3. Select the Template dropdown followed by the template that you want to use. You can search the list of available templates by entering a search query. This search will return up to 100 results that match your search query (max 25 Default Templates, max 25 Recently Used Templates). Before searching for a template, Default Templates and Spaces are ordered alphabetically, while Recently Used Templates are sorted by how recently they were last used. 
  4. Configure the new space's properties: 
    • Space Title: Enter a name for the space.
    • Description: Enter a brief description of the purpose of this Space. This description will be displayed in some widgets (e.g., the Spaces widget).
    • URL Identifier: Enter a URL name for the Space. Select Change Location to change where the Space is located in your digital workplace. 
    • Hide Navigation: Select to prevent the Space from appearing in your digital workplace's navigation elements. 
  5. Select Add to finish creating the Space.