Full-Width Row enhancement

Make a Page Row take up the entire width of a browser window with the Full-Width Row enhancement. Use this with page rows that contain a banner (an HTML Content widget that contains an image) or slideshow (Content Slideshow widget) that are located at the top of a Page.

Note: The Full-Width Row enhancement is available to all digital workplaces. Contact the Igloo Support Team if you experience any issues applying this style. 

The full-width row enhancement applied to a page row that contains a slideshow widget.

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Considerations and caveats

Keep in mind the following when using the Full-Width Row enhancement:  

How to create full-width rows

Apply the Full-Width Row enhancement to a Page Row by giving it the fullwidth class. Refer to the article Applying custom CSS to page rows if you are unsure of how to apply CSS classes to a page row. You must publish the page to have this enhancement take effect. 

Effect of the full-width class.