Gadget Depot: FAQs

How can I subscribe to The Gadget Depot?

Please contact your customer success manager, and they’ll get you started!

How often will gadgets be added to The Gadget Depot?

Gadgets will be added as they become available. We’ll strive for a regular cadence based on Igloo’s release cycle. 

I have an idea for a gadget! 

Awesome! Most of our gadgets started off as conversations with our customers. Reach out to your customer success manager and they’ll help you get your idea to our development teams.

What if I need one of these gadgets customized for our specific use case?

We’re happy to build a custom version of any of these gadgets. If you need one customized for a specific purpose, our developer relations team will help you identify and articulate the requirements for the customization and provide a quote for this effort.  

How do I deploy a gadget?

Gadgets are built using our Integration Widget framework — so you can deploy the gadget yourself, in the same way, you would deploy any of our other integrations. For detailed instructions —  see Gadgets.

How much the subscription will cost?

The Gadget Depot requires an annual subscription. For more information, please contact your customer success manager.