Group-based Redirects enhancement

The Group-based Redirects enhancement redirects members who land on a specific page (such as the home page) to another location within your digital workplace based on their group membership. 

If your digital workplace already has this enhancement, you can find configuration steps on your Styles page.

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Request enhancement

To request this enhancement, please complete and submit an Enhancement Request Form

Considerations and caveats

Keep in mind the following when using the Group-based Redirects enhancement:

  • Not compatible with the mobile app.
  • Performance issues can occur if there are many groups to redirect (maximum of 8).
  • The redirect occurs within the active browser tab and does not open the destination location in a new tab.

Configuration options

The Group-based Redirects enhancement has the following configuration options:

  • Set which page initiates the redirects.
  • Set where members of a group (including Administrators) redirect to.
  • Assign a default redirect destination.
  • Set a redirect order of importance for users who are part of multiple groups.