Hide "Connect with" enhancement

The Hide "Connect with" enhancement hides links relating to adding Contacts and the Contacts page. This hides the Contacts feature in the following locations:

  • Userbar, under the user's dropdown
  • Members Directory
  • Members widget
  • Profile View, add/remove contact
  • Profile View, contacts area
  • Contacts link in profile navigation

If your workplace already has this enhancement, you can find configuration steps on your Styles page.   

Use menu with the Contacts options.

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Considerations and caveats

Keep in mind the following when using the Hide "Connect with" enhancement:

  • CSS can unhide Items.
  • Already existing connections still show on profiles.
  • The Contacts page is accessible using its URL.
  • Contacts are still visible when in the Control Panel and other admin pages.

Configuration options

There are no configuration options.