Inviting users to your digital workplace

Proactively reach out to people to get them to join your digital workplace. Sending invitations is one method of adding users to your digital workplace and involves users receiving an email that contains a link to join your digital workplace. 

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Considerations and caveats

Who can do this

  • Workplace administrators
  • Users who are members of a group with the Manage Invitations role

Interaction with SSO authentication redirects

If your digital workplace redirects users to your IdP's authentication page, ensure the following two conditions are met :

  • The user has an account in your IdP.
  • Your digital workplace SAML settings are configured to allow user creation on sign in.

In this workflow, users who select the link in their invitation email are redirected to your IdP. After entering their credentials successfully, the IdP will redirect the user back to your digital workplace, create a new account for them, and sign them in.

User are not receiving an invitation email

Try each of the following to troubleshoot missing invitations:

  • Ask the user to check their spam or junk email folder for the invitation.
  • Using the Invitations page of your digital workplace, verify that an invitation was sent and whether it was to the correct email address.
  • Ensure that Igloo mail servers are whitelisted. For more information, see Igloo mail server information.

Shared welcome message

The welcome message used by invitations is the same as public registration. Changing the message in one location also changes it in the other location.

New user accounts vs. existing user accounts

Users who have never been a member of your digital workplace will be prompted to register their account after selecting their invitation link. 

The account registration page for new user accounts.

In contrast, users who have already been a member of your digital workplace will be prompted to sign in using their past username and password. If the user does not remember their password, they can select Forgot your password? to reset it. However, after resetting their password they must then sign in using the link in the invitation. Future sign-ins can be done using the normal sign-in page. 

The sign in page for existing user accounts.

How to invite users to your digital workplace

  1. Select  Control Panel.
  2. Under Membership, select Invitations.
  3. Under Step 1: Create Invitee List, for each user you want to invite (max 20 at once), enter their name and email address, and select Add to list. When sending invitations, all users on an invitation list will be added to your selected groups. You can use separate invitation lists to place users into different groups.
  4. Under Step 2: Add A Personal Message, enter a text-only message with the invitation. You can select Remember this message to save this message for future invitations.
  5. Under Step 3: Custom Welcome Message:
    • If you want to see the current welcome message, select Preview Current Message.
    • To change the current welcome message, select Update Your Custom Message/Create a Custom Message(if no previous message exists):
      1. Use the provided WYSIWYG editor to create your message.
      2. If you want to change where replies to the welcome message are sent, enter the email address in the Customer Reply-To field. If left blank, replies to welcome messages go to a no-reply email address (e.g., and are not viewable.
      3. Select Save to apply your changes.
  6. Under Step 4: Select Invitee Groups, select Expand to show all groups in your digital workplace, and select which invitees should join when they accept the invitation. 
  7. Select Send Invitations.

How to invite public users to your digital workplace

This workflow is only available if anonymous commenting is enabled.

  1. Select  Control Panel.
  2. Under Membership, select Public Activity.
  3. Under Anonymous Activity, find the user you want to invite.
  4. Select Send Invitation.

How to manage pending invitations

Sent invitations remain active for 30 days before expiring. Once expired, a user requires a new invitation to join your digital workplace. 

The pending invitations section of the Invitations page.

You can view pending invitations at the bottom of the Invitations page (select  Control Panel followed by Invitations). The Pending Invitations table shows and can be sorted by the following information:

  • Name (first and last)
  • Email
  • Invite By (first and last name)
  • Date Invited
  • Expires In

In addition to this information, you can perform these actions on a pending invitation:

  • Select Resend to send the invitation to the user again. In addition to sending a new invitation email, the expiry date is reset to 30 days.
  • Select Remove to cancel the user's invitation. If the user tries to use the canceled invitation, they are directed to an error page that states the invitation is no longer active.

Examples of invitation emails

Invitation email

Example of an invitation email.

Welcome email 

Example of an welcome email.